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Where Are You America?

Where are you America?

I was there. I was literally leaving that morning when the world changed. Nineteen years have passed since I was flying out of NYC that morning on 9/11 when the first tower was going down and having an emergency landing in Indianapolis a short while later.

Have we become better by it or do we NOW have permission to use it as a shield and as an excuse to forge and force our way onto the world? Please, don’t be rushed to answer, I am not asking for one. Just raising the question to observe and explore what I see and not be quick to react, defend, point or deny.

Yes, we shall never forget the fallen ones. Those who walked out of their homes that day and never thought that it would be their last one here on this planet. Yes, there were thousands in the buildings, there were hundreds who went to the scene to serve, save and protect. There were millions watching as our collective bubble bursted into pain, horror, anger, disbelief and reality.

What I will never forget was the feeling of sympathy, empathy, connection, oneness, pain and love that was felt days and weeks after the event. It was in the same country where I was born and raised. The USA. Where are you America?

Yes, a full generation has been born and raised since 9/11. They have lived enough to see if we truly haven’t forgotten or have we just moved on. They are seeing if we are truly a nation or just a notion of collected and fragmented groups fighting to own what was never theirs to begin with. It has been, and always be, OURS.

Today, as we live a world wide Pandemic. Today, as we live in the middle of times that look much older than the date the calendar states. We shall remember. Remember our purpose. Remember our mission. Remember what each and everyone truly stands for, not divides us.

Is it about overcoming or is it about becoming? Overcoming can keep us separated. Becoming gathers and unites all of us. To become we must leave what not serves all behind. The time has come to truly see what you want, not only for you, but for all that share and are a part of this nation. And this world.

I shall never forget. I was there. I am here now. I will be a force of good to close the gaps that keep the world apart. I hope you join me.

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I was there. We are we now?

Jorge Meléndez

Jorge Meléndez, es un Coach Certificado de John Maxwell y tiene un Diplomado de Coaching Ontológico de la UNAM.

Con más de 23 años de experiencia, como generador de abundancia y diseñador de propósitos personales y empresariales, ha logrado que, más de 200 mil personas en más de 30 países del mundo, descubran y alcancen su grandeza a través de talleres y mentorías que cambian la manera de pensar para alcanzar metas y sueños.

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